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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

¿♂ or ♀?

This morning as I was getting ready for work I was doing my usual listen to the radio thing and the topic was "What would you do if you could be the opposite sex for an hour". You would have the same brain so, presumably would think the same way on things as you do now.
Guys were calling in and saying things like "I'd play with my boobs for an hour" or "I'd go have sex with the first guy I saw". Yeah, cause any girl can just walk out and say "let's have sex" to the first guy she sees and FFS, we can't stop playing with our boobs...
One guy called up and somehow they got to talking about menstrual cramps and the guy on the phone kept saying "oh, how bad could it be? it's like a charlie horse."
Yeah sure, if that particular horse is kicking you in the gut repeatedly for days... For you guys out there, think of the worst gas you've ever had and multiply it by X (with X being your tolerance for pain, or lack thereof). If you're doubled over in pain, you're almost there. Granted, they're not always this bad and it depends on where your uterus is positioned. If it's towards the back, then all of the pain I just mentioned will be centered there. Now does any of that sound like a charlie horse to you??
If I were a guy, I'd have to do the obvious thing of course, which is find some snow and go write my name, or at least see how far away I could place targets and still hit them. Next, I'd have to revel in the fact that I can go to any public place and scratch my crotch whenever I feel like it not to mention spit the yucky stuff out that I just coughed up instead of searching desperately for a tissue. I could walk around with no shirt in hot weather and not be arrested as well. (I don't understand the double standard of that...) After that, I suppose the only things left would be sex. What's it like to have an orgasm every time you have sex? hmmm the mind boggles... If I still had time left after all of that I could appreciate not wearing makeup and only having to choose between which shirt to wear with my pants. You guys don't know how easy you have it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Bring on the January!

Well I didn't quite make it back to update did well.
I'm soooo done with Christmas. I didn't decorate this year so I don't have to go through the tedious task of un-decorating, so now I'm just waiting for it to be Saturday, January 1. E will be home on that day which is good enough in itself but it also marks the final month of waiting for Jeff to come home. (yay!) Where did the months go?? What happened to all of the time I had?
It always seems to go that way with deployments. I start out thinking it's going to be SO_LONG and then before you know it everything catches up to you and you wonder what happened to it all. It'll be good to have him back. My list of "honey-do's" has gotten rather large. It's not like I'm not perfectly capable of doing them, but I had to save him some of the fun things like painting and mowing and fixing.
This year our family had 3 Christmas parties, which isn't that unusual except that this year they were 3 days in a row. Eve was spent at Uncle Bud's house, as is the tradition every year, with my cousins. Day was spent doing (MORE!) baking and getting various other things ready to take to my sisters for dinner which consisted of ham log (ham that's been formed into a log-like shape...weird, yet tasty), twice baked potatoes, green salad with mandarins, garlic roasted asparagus, and rolls. All was very yummy of course.
I am going to post pics of the cake I made for the 3rd Christmas party when I have access to a USB cable that actually fits my camera. Why can't the stupid things be standardized??

Monday, December 27, 2004

$10 word of the day.

Gewürztraminer - pronounced 'ga-VERTZ-trah-MEE-ner'. It means Spice Grapes in German.


I made a bit of a boo boo. Somehow with all of the tinkering and cutting and pasting I was doing to creat my new template, I messed up the URL for my blog. So it was slightly messed up over the weekend. Hey, it deserved a break. It's been going for over a year with no breaks.
I'll do another post in a bit, just wanted to get this in while I had a minute.

More later...

Friday, December 24, 2004

Day 12 of 12...

Today is the twelth day of the twelve days of Christmas...

It's Christmas Eve and I've only wrapped to f**kin' presents. - Blink 182

The song goes on to talk about hate, hate, hate your guts and various other obscene things that are very un-Christmasy. I'm feeling slightly unChristmas-y today so I guess that's ok. I've not wrapped my gifts yet so I suppose that's a little bit fitting.
I've gotten exactly one call here today at work. The rest of my time has been spent playing Sims 2..heh...well I had to have something to do today.
Not much else to say right now...
Feliz Navidad
Mele Kalikimaka
Frohe Weihnachten
Maligayang Pasko
Joyeux Noel
and all of that stuff.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

More baking

I'm waiting for my red velvet cake to bake in the oven while I watch some HGTV. One thing I don't get is when did rooms become "spaces". You never hear any people on this channel talking about their rooms, they're always talking about their "spaces". It's slightly annoying really.

My cat just ran over me. She was sitting on the couch grooming herself when she suddenly tore off across the couch, over my head and down the hall. Cats are weird like that. They'll be sitting there totally fine and minding their own business then they suddenly decide that they have to get to the other end of the house AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Maybe they see dead people.

I've never made red velvet cake before so I'm hoping it turns out ok. There was a lot of mixing and combining and setting aside and folding. If it tastes like crap...well I don't know what I will do really...

Day 11 of 12...

Today is the eleventh day of the twelve days of Christmas...

I'm in the process of building a blog template for a blog that I'll be starting when I move in May/June of next year. This has led to me slowly going blind over the course of today trying to see the screen. It was pretty dead today here at work so I had plenty of time to mess around with the code. I'm beginning to see what programmers mean when they talk about seeing lines of code in their sleep. Not that I'm a programmer by any definition of the word, but HTML isn't really that different from a lot of programming languages. Since I don't know very much HTML or anything else, it was a very time consuming process and I really didn't get very far.

That's about all for me today...maybe i'll check in later tonight.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Day 10 of 12...

Today is the tenth day of the twelve days of Christmas...

As you can now see, I've put a link to my moblog on my sidebar.

Babysitting last night was a lot of fun. I was a bit out of practice for a 2 year old and I found myself starting to worry about little things like "Ok, what do I do if she chokes or has an allergic reaction or my cat bites her...." etc. Thinking back to when my daughter was that age, I don't remember EVER getting that freaked out about things like that. I guess because it is someone else's kid makes a big difference. I couldn't get over how 180 degrees she was from my daughter. Where my daughter used to be all over the place running and getting into stuff, she was content to just sit on the couch quietly and eat her pretzels or watch a movie or look at the fish in my tank. She was the quietest 2 year old I have ever met. She showed some interest in the Christmas lights on my street so we put our coats on and went to look at them. She wanted me to lift her up so I did and was walking accross the street when my foot hit a bump, or some kind of hole and I fell FLAT on my face, still holding her, onto the curb. I held her up as I fell so that she wouldn't be hurt, but in doing this, I got the lovely bruise that you can now see in my sidebar...and twisted my ankle. At least she didn't get hurt. In fact, she was more interested in the Christmas lights than the fact that we had just fallen flat.

Also, here's a band that is new called Benchmark. They are kind of acoustic/folksy/pop-y sounding. At the very least, they have a spiffy looking web site.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Day 9 of 12...

Today is the ninth day of the twelve days of Christmas...

I'm not feeling that great today either. Whatever virus I have has taken residence in my head causing my sinuses to fill with snot and my tonsils to swell so that they are nearly touching. (yummy)

Why is it that you can simultaneously have wrinkles AND zits? Isn't there a period where one can have completely clear skin AND not look like you are approaching middle age?
Or maybe it's hormonal...

Why do people think it's ok to swear at me when I talk to them on the phone? It's one thing to do it when we're having a casual conversation, or even a debate about something, but to just come out and say "Oh, SHIT" in the middle of me trying to help you with a computer problem is not only unprofessional, but it makes me about 100 times less likely to want to fix your problem in a timely fashion. If I were to do the same thing, I would no doubt be given a "talking to" by one of my 4 bosses. This applies doubly if the problem that caused you saying "Oh, SHIT" was your fault.

On a more positive note, I get to babysit my friend's two year old tonight. I'm a little out of practice for two year olds, but it should be fun.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Day 8 of 12...

Today is day eight of the twelve days of Christmas...

I feel like utter shite today so I'm going to keep this short.

My boss gave everyone in our department a Christmas card with a car air freshner in it (you know, the ones that look like a tree). It's new car scent. Last year I received a pot scrubber (you know, the kind where you put the soap inside and push the button to make it come out). At first they seem like really odd gifts, but really it's ingenious. People always want to get gifts for Christmas that they wouldn't buy for themselves;new mp3 player, flat panel TV, new dvd's/clothes/tools etc. Who doesn't need a car air freshner? or a pot scrubber?

Have yourself a nerdy little Christmas...

Why didn't I think of this...

(link from clara at SHB)

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Why don't we have cool stuff like this in the US?

Anyone wanna go to China?

Day 7 of 12...

Today is (was) the seventh day of the twelve days of Christmas...

Got up at 3am...hit snooze...alarm didn't go off again.
Sat bolt upriht at 4:30 thinking (oh shit, we're going to miss the plane) that I had only been sleeping for a few minutes, when in fact it had been an hour and a half. I had a dream then. How does that happen in such a short space of time?
After several attempts, E finally got up and got dressed. I quickly threw her stuff in the car and we were out the door by 4:42...a record for us if there ever was one.
After the airport I went to my mom for more baking. Today it was fudge, more banana bread, and spritz cookies. We were completely done by noon. Sometimes it does pay to get up before then. It's cool because you, like, actually get to DO stuff.
New concept for me...Sunday's my day of lazy.
Yeah like I need another one of those...

Saturday, December 18, 2004

People watching...

with all of the hair removal options available now,why would a woman choose to shave her face? The five o'clock shadow does little for most women's appearances...

Day 6 of 12...

Today is the 6th day of the twelve days of Christmas...

No time to post much today. Must get cracking on my errands and stuff like that. Tonight we're going to Zoolights, which is a yearly tradition with my cousin and her son who is a year younger than E. It's the same display every year, but it's fun to trapse around in the cold and rain looking at Christmas least we've convinced ourselves of that. At any rate, it's a chance to catch up with my cousin since we don't get to see her very often.
After we brave the cold we are going to try to catch A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I've not read the books, but E has and she's really looking forward to seeing the movie. It's her last night in town so i thought it would be fun to do something just me and her. I like Jim Carrey so it shouldn't be too bad...maybe along the lines of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
Last night I went to my friend's house for a sort of Christmas party. Unfortunately 3 of the families that were supposed to show, didn' it was just me and her and her daughter and her friend and her 2 sons. It turned out to be a good thing since her friend's kids were a bit...spirited. While the kids decorated gingerbread cookies, I decorated a cake. Here's what it looked like...

It's hard to make out but there is a snow angel next to the snow man and then footprints leading over to the pile of snow balls. Cheesy, I know, but I thought it was creative.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Day 5 of 12...

Today is the fifth day of the twelve days of Christmas...

bah dum dum dum...

I've nothing clever or witty to say...yet. Maybe something will come to me.
So if you're lonely, you know I'm here waiting for you. I'm just a crosshair. I'm just a shot away from you.
Ok, I stole the above from Franz Ferdinand, but as I said, I've not much to say today. Is anyone not quite feeling the Christmas spirit this year? I know I'm not. Could it be that I'm going to be quite all by myself from Sunday onwards until New Years Day? Could it be that I am working on Christmas Eve Day so as to not have to think about it being CHRISTMAS and I have NO WHERE TO GO?
Eh, maybe. I'd put my money on it.
It's not all pity party and sad sad. I mentioned that I will be all alone. My daughter is going to visit her father in Florida for her break from school. Normally I would be a little down about her leaving, but I have to say that right now she has been the very definition of tweenager and is, quite frankly, driving me bonkers. I overheard her father on the phone to her last night "you know, your mother wasn't really very rebellious when she was your age...but I can relate". Great, so now I am the "not understanding" parent. Well at least I didn't blow up a tree with a homemade grennade.
But I digress...
I'm sure this feeling will wear off after she's been gone for a day or two and then I'll be desperate for her to return home. Parenthood is funky like that...

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Day 4 of 12...

Today is the fourth day of the twelve days of Christmas...

So here are the results of my visit to the salon yesterday.

In honor of OrangeZen... I don't usually use color on them so it's kind of strange to look down and see them. I like it though. The scar on my hand is from when I scraped it on the side of the "Konga River" ride thing at Wild Waves (you know, where you sit in the innertube and the water pushes you around...).

I went for a lighter color this time, I usually have dark red or dark purple or some other kind of dark color. There's a saying that people whose middle toes are longer than the rest of their toes are good leaders or something like that, but I don't really buy it. I'm not very fond of my feet, but they get me where I want to go so I don't complain too much. The purple dot on my left foot is a scar from a blister I got while we were in Hawaii.

So that's pretty much that with that. Have a good day everyone.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Remember Weezer?

Used to be one of my favorite bands...
Lead singer once broke his leg or something and had to hobble around with a cane for months while attending college disguised as a hermit with a full beard so no one would recognize him.

Yeah Rivers Cuomo...who has apparently done a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner?, but more importantly, made a blog (well sort of). It's cool when famous people make blogs. from busblog(now also famous)...

Day 3 of 12...

Today is the third day of the twelve days of Christmas...

Today I'm getting a manicure. It's one of the gifts I'm getting me for Christmas. (along with the new laptop, a vacation in Hawaii to see my husband, and some new clothes...) I don't often get them because I have midget hands and short stubby fingernails that I often bite, but I have some kind of problem with dry skin so I thought a manicure would help. (at least it'll make my hands look better)
I'm also getting a pedicure because my feet resemble the feet of a 75 year old man who walks around on gravel with no shoes...yeah, I would say I'm a tad overdue for a pedicure...
The third thing the people at the nice salon are going to do to me is wax my eyebrows. It's a small, relatively painless procedure in which a "trained professional" applys burning hot wax very near my eyes with a popsicle stick, then presses some cloth into it and rips it off.
Eh, no one ever said women do smart things, but at least my eyebrows won't grow together...

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

One more before I go...

Got this article from Lovisa, originally authored by David Suzuki.
Although I don't personally agree that I do the whole Christmas thing to "fill a void", I think the idea that a lot of people do that is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Christmas complaints miss the point

December 03, 2004

It started over a month ago - even before Halloween. The television commercials, the flyers in the mail, the decorations in the mall. Christmas is now a two-month event - one long blowout sale.

But there's also no shortage of people decrying the commercialization of the holidays. The criticism itself is nothing new. People have been complaining about it for decades. Every year, the Christmas season gets a little longer and every year people complain about it a little more.

It's certainly a valid criticism, one that I can't help but make myself. As the holiday hype escalates, so too does our accumulated waste. The roads become packed with anxious shoppers, driving from mall to mall in search of the right gifts. The malls become stuffed with Christmas goods and trinkets, all vying to catch the shopper's eye. And the shoppers themselves become stuffed with holiday sweets and extra-large gingerbread lattes. The whole enterprise is a monument to excess.

For some, this excess typifies everything that is wrong with the developed world. We consume far more than our share of the world's resources. We create huge amounts of waste. We obsess with fads and fancy while species die out, pollutants seep into the food chain and the climate changes. Christmas is the pinnacle of our hyper-consumptive lifestyles, so it's easy to point a finger and condemn the whole stressful, chaotic, overindulgent experience.

But the real question is why? Why do people put themselves through all the stress and pressure? Why do they go into debt so they can give gifts that the receiver probably doesn't even need? Why do they complain about the excesses of Christmas and then fall for it again every year?

I believe they are trying to fill a void. With fewer and fewer people taking part in the religious aspects of the holidays, many are looking for other rituals to take their place. Humans have an innate need to connect to their families, their communities and to the rhythms and cycles of nature. Throughout human history, we've done that with celebrations and rituals to reflect the changing seasons, the lunar cycles and important stages in our lives.

But today's world is very different, very new and in many ways runs against millennia of the human experience. This new world runs 24/7. This world is built on consistency and uniformity, rather than reflecting natural rhythms, local cultural or geographic differences. This world has few rituals to reflect the stages of our lives, the changing of the seasons and the passage of time. It doesn't matter if it's dark outside. We just turn on a light. It doesn't matter if it's cold outside. We just turn up the heat. The seasons may change, but our work schedules stay the same. Fresh vegetables and fruits are available year-round regardless of whether or not they are in season or grown anywhere nearby. A Big Mac is a Big Mac, here or in Turkey.

This world we've created is hard on the planet and it's hard on ourselves. We've tried to isolate the human experience from the rest of nature, but it's an impossible task. Humans are a part of nature. Whether we like it or not, our bodies respond to changes in the natural world. The more we try to deny who we are, the less connected we will feel and the more damage we will do to the planet.

In the absence of God or spirituality, in the absence of a capacity to respond to seasonal patterns and natural rhythms, and in the absence of meaningful social rituals, people are grasping onto whatever they can to help ground them in their communities. If that means spending days at a time in a crowded mall, then that's what we do. That becomes the ritual. That becomes Christmas.

I think people are hungry for change, but feel trapped. We are yearning for meaning, but accepting baubles and trinkets instead. Until we stop denying our biological roots and embrace our humanity, we will never find the meaning we seek. It's just not something you can pick up at the mall.

Exploding Blog

From Jay, I got this link to a site to generate blog traffic.
I even created a little banner using the graphic that David was so nice to create for me.

Not bad for MS Paint...

Someone has too much time on their hands

Hmmm now am I talking about me? or the person who made these crazy drawings? from The Dastard...

Some of them are a little disturbing actually.

Day 2 of 12...

Today is the second day of the twelve days of Christmas...

I was singing in the shower this morning. I didn't think it was that loud until I heard "Mommy, why are you singing in the shower?".
I guess the acoustics in my shower are better than I thought.
I was singing, in my just-woke-up-frog-in-throat voice, a Christmas song that I once had to sing as a trio in high school. For Christmas our group dressed up in Dicken's era garb and put on a Christmas dinner-theatre type performance where we spoke with fake English accents and were served by the lowly underclassmen. The song was called "My Babe Must Rest" and featured three part harmonies as well as 3 solo parts. It was my solo part that I was remembering...with disgust. I am a good singer. Not great or anything, but I can carry a tune and my voice isn't horrible...unless I'm nervous. Then I turn into Simon's worst nightmare and couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with a lid.
My voice is 2nd alto and my part had one note that was just out of my normal vocal range, forcing me to sing falsetto for one note, which wasn't a big deal until I was standing in front of a hundred or so people and there were NO other sounds in the room. To make matters worse, I had had a cold and was just getting over the horrible cough that went along with it.
So there I am singing along waiting for my part (the 2nd verse) to come and my knees are literally knocking back and forth. When it was finally my turn, I sang the whole thing beautifully...until that one note..."following the star TOOOO was good but now my babe must rest..." (hey I didn't say it was a brilliant song...)and my voice cracked on the "TOOOO" part. I knew everyone had heard it. I felt the hot creeping into my face and I began to feel lightheaded but somehow managed to sing the rest of the song. I then promptly found the nearest exit, went outside (in my huge Victorian gown) and vomited all over the grass. I had never been so embarassed or nervous in my life. I went back in and everyone told me I was pale as a ghost, but my solo sounded great. Great?? Are they kidding?
About a week later I heard that one of the other girls in the group had been gossiping about how awful my part was. At that point I was so glad that it was over that I didn't really care. (So Katrina Acosta, if you are reading this, I know that you were gossiping about me!)
Anyway, as I was singing the song in the shower today, I sang that part over and over, just to assure myself that I actually could sing, it was just the nerves that did me in.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Day 1 of 12...

Today is the first day of the twelve days of Christmas.

I, like ESC, sing the praises of my Kitchenaid mixer...(tune of Oh Christmas tree)

Oh Kitchenaid
Oh Kitchenaid
You make such yummy cookies...

Yes I know, I'm a big dork, but I don't care! It's not Christmas until the cookies are baked! Seeing as I'm not particularly in the spirit this year, that's exactly what I did yesterday. My sister, my neice, and I all got together at my mom's house to have a baking fest of sorts. There were Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeyes, Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons, Russian Teacakes, Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheels, Magic Cookie Bars, M&M cookies, and Sugar Cookies with Glace icing...oh and Banana Bread.
Most of what I took home will be sent to Jeff somewhere in the middle of the ocean, the rest I plan on giving away to whoever likes banana bread. (who likes banana bread?)

Today I'm wearing a bra that pushes my boobs up to my chin. I'm also wearing a vneck shirt so I'm feeling a little self conscious. I'm not used to all of that boobage. It's weird to look down and see them hanging out there. Plus, it's a new bra...kinda stiff and uncomfortable...had to be a man that would come up with something like this. Perhaps I need to go adjust it. I also bought underwear to go with it but it turned out to be this underwear that goes up way past my belly button. I have no idea how I ended up with that. I thought it looked big in the store but I wasn't really sure until I sort of held it up to me once I got it home. (yes mental picture of me with granny undies...thank you very much...). So I will need to see about returning it as I can't wear it, it'll come up past all of my pants.

Don't you want one of these??

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Christmas Window

The Player and I did a window in the cafeteria where I work again this year.
Here's a pic.

As we were painting the window, some people gathered behind us to watch. I could feel their eyes watching us and they were making comments about it. " inappropriate...", "...someone should tell them to take it down...", "...i hope they don't win...".

WTF? It's not even like they were trying to be quiet about it. They were just talking like they thought we couldn't hear. Finally I turned around and glared at them and they stopped.

Either they have no sense of humor or they weren't smart enough to figure out that it's a HAIRDRYER in the picture, not a gun.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

cough cough...cooouuuughhhhh....

What's it called when you cough so hard that you vomit? I've had this cold/virus thing for about 2 weeks and I can't seem to shake the seal-like barking cough that goes with it. It's not exactly the sexiest thing in the world...not that I'm trying to be sexy, but it's a bit inconvenient when I'm in a place when I really should be quiet (ballet, library, in bed asleep) or not hacking all over the place (bus, airplane, other forms of public transport). People at work have started calling me Typhoid Janelle.
So with all of that, plus a friendly little UTI, I decided it was time to visit the doctor before things really got out of hand. He gave me some antibiotics and cough syrup (with narcotics!) to help me sleep.
So I get my drugs from the pharmacy and the pharmacist says "It's a suspension, not a syrup..." and proceeds to go into big detail about the differences between the two and the side effects..."and I think it tastes like butterscotch"
we'll see about that...
After I left the pharmacy I opened the antibiotics to find 6 pills about the size of half my pinky. I would have to quarter these bad boys, half was still too big.
I finally got all of that sorted out so hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow. Thursday night it's the Deck the Hall Ball so i def. hope I'm not hacking all over everyone there. It's not cool to cover people with your germs at a concert.

whew what's up with me and the gross out posts lately? I gotta find some more appealing things to talk about...

Monday, December 06, 2004

Post-hangunder/gross bug story

I am feeling a little better after Friday night's mischief. Unfortunately, getting carded for alcohol doesn't mean that you won't feel it's effects proportionate to the number of years you are over 21 (8 in my case). Luckily it's a rare thing for me. I like to go out, have a few, get a little tipsy, but I usually draw the line there. On Friday, I was so far away from the line, the line was a dot to me.
I really need to stop with the Friends references...

Tonight is the next installment in my quest for pastry embellishment...yep another cake decorating class. More complicated this time but hopefully just as fun. Anybody want a cake? I need some practice.

Weird dream last night consisted of this huge lady bug that kept trying to crawl all over me. It was about the size of my hand so you can imagine that might be a little disconcerting. The following is pretty gross so if you're squeamish, skip to the next paragraph...In my dream, I had fallen asleep and when I woke up I had these bumps on my hip that were about the size of M&M's. When I pulled on one of them, it came off and underneath I could see a black pod about the size of a sunflower seed...I squeezed the surrounding skin and it popped out where I could see that it was a baby lady bug. You see, the huge lady bug had laid her eggs or something on my skin and they burrowed in sort of like a tick or something. It was quite disgusting, but strangely, didn't hurt. After I had cleared my skin of these horrid bugs, I found the lady bug laughing at me so I did what any human would when something much much smaller annoys her...I stepped on her.
Perhaps I ate something bad before going to sleep or maybe it's another side effect from my hangover. At any rate, I couldn't shake the feeling of things crawling on me this morning as I got ready for work.....yuuukkk

I have installed some nifty software on my work computer that is supposed to prevent RSI's (repetative stress injuries). Every 15 minutes or so it promps me to take a Micropause which it defines as a break in which you put your arms at your sides, close your eyes and relax for about 15 seconds. I'm not sure what good this is supposed to do, but it is fun to take breaks that often. Since I've started doing this, I've discovered that I can sleep for short periods of time while sitting at my desk. I close my eyes and lean back in my chair, but scoot it all the way in so it doesn't look like I'm leaning back in my chair. Occasionally my head will nod a bit but I've perfected it so that from the back it looks like I'm reading my screen...when I'm actually catching some zzz's. It beats napping in the loo...

Saturday, December 04, 2004


I feel so low, it's under not over. It's karma's way of saying "Fool, you drank too much and now you shall pay for your gluttonous ways"
After an evening of much drunken debauchery at Bremerton's craptacular dive bar, the Horse & Cow, I feel like utter shite. If I move, the room moves with me.As Chandler from Friends would say "Well, my apartment isn't there anymore because I drank it...". Even with that it feels as if I've swallowed a big bunch of cotton balls. My head feels sort of like it's filled with marbles or heavy rocks or something. Even a shower didn't make me feel better. My cat, somehow sensing my pain, is curled up snugly against me while I watch Tivo'd episodes of Sex and the City (what's up with Carrie and her uber trashy clothes?) and EastEnders (British soap opera).
The things I remember from last evening are more like looking through a stack of pictures...a lighted Christmas tree, the meter in the cab, clouds of my breath while standing outside, the DJ with pink hair...the rest is kind of a blur.
All of this typing is doing my head in...about time for a nap.

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