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Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Special K people think you're a big fat pig cow!

In case you haven't seen this little gem of a commercial, let me set it up for you...
There's a picture of a scale and meat products are dropped onto it until it reads 6 lbs. while "Barnyard Boogie" by Louis Jordan (specifically the part that sings "Oink Oink, Moo Moo") plays in the background.
Does anyone else think this is the most blatant subliminal message? As if to say "Hello all of you big fat Americans! Buy Special K! You need to lose weight!" I mean how awful is that??
And their red berry Special K is so good! And now I have to stop buying it because their commercial could be insulting me! Besides, no way in hell am I eating cereal for 2 meals a day for 2 weeks!! I'd never leave the bathroom!

Hmmm...anyone else notice the ridiculous amount of !!'s and ??'s in this post??(????)

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