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Sunday, July 03, 2005

It's not the heat, it's the humidity.

Today it is hot and sticky and muggy and sauna-like pretty much all the live-long day. It's like every day of every week since I've been here.
So, I've decided that staying indoors is the best thing to do. Unfortunately I'm not used to staying home all day with nothing to do. I feel like I'm on some sort of extended vacation. I don't remember what day it is half of the time. So you would think that I must have gotten a lot of things done, right? With all of this free time, my house must be spotless, right?
You would be WRONG.
A typical day is when I get up at 5am, make lunch, then go back to bed for about 3 hours. When I finally do get up, I make the bed and shower (maybe) then I head downstairs and contemplate breakfast.Once thats done, I see what the Tivo recorded for me the previous night and watch that for an hour or so. After that I clean up the kitchen and head upstairs to play a video game of my choice (Star Wars Galaxies or The Sims 2). If I get bored with that, I might venture out and shop for a bit, maybe run a few errands. When I return, I usually head back up to do some more computer nonsense. I'm aiming to play enough to bring my character's combat level up high enough so she can travel to other planets without worrying about being blown to bits...because you know, you gotta have goals...
Anyway, I usually do this until Jeff returns from work. I go to the gym, make dinner, wash it down with a banana milkshake, play some more video games, and collapse into bed at about 11pm only to begin the whole thing over again.
When I first started thinking about staying home, I didn't imagine myself doing any of these things. I thought I'd have "tons" of time to "do things" and "get things in order". The problem is that, yeah I feel slightly guilty about basically doing nothing all day, but I don't feel guilty enough to actually, you know, do anything. My house is clean...enough. All of the things that I absolutely can't live without are unpacked and put away and organized...enough. So what's the problem?
Guilt isn't the problem about being lazy. The problem is hearing my mother constantly nag me in my head about not doing anything "constructive".


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