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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Peach Rose

Peach Rose
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Here's the test post! That didn't take too long to figure out. Enjoy my wannabe artistic pictures. =)


If you click here, you can play with a woman's body...literally it's like she's dead and you can pick her up and move her all over the screen.

Who comes up with these things?

Check out the pictures in my flickr page thingy. Among them are recent cakes I've done (including the one I did for my sister's reception) and our trip up to DC...go on, bore yourself silly! Maybe I'll do a test post...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

If I'm ever put up for auction...

I am worth $1,108,724 on

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The new me, back in WA...

but only for the weekend. I surprised my sister with a visit to make a cake for her (5th) wedding reception. She was, obviously, surprised, which was fun as she had absolutely no idea I would be there. The cake turned out both better and worse than I expected. I'll post a pic when I get home sometime Monday.
When I saie "the new me" I did not mean the "new and improved me", quite the opposite in a lot of ways! I need some inspiration. I'm seriously lacking in the blog posting department and it's because my life has become D-U-L-L. There's nothing inspiring or exciting about getting up, going to the gym, cleaning, cooking,playing too many video games, watching too much TV, or any of the other non exciting things I do every day. I have grass is always greener syndrome. For years I was a single mom and I wanted nothing more than to be able to stay at home and be just a mom or just a wife, or whatever. Now that I actually DO that, I wish I could do something else! You know, out of the house. Not a job per se (although a satisfying job would be wonderful), but a reason to explain my existance. I mean, I'm not agorophobic or anything like that. I do go out when I have to get groceries or some other nonsense. I know a woman who has kids in soccer, coaches soccer, heads several comittees, is involved with her church, runs a charity, AND she teaches cake deco. classes twice a week. Just talking to her makes me tired. I think maybe that's my problem. I'm LAZY. In theory, doing all of that stuff sounds great, but in practice, I'd probably be kicked off of all of the committees, my team would lose all their games (in no small part because I'm really dense when it comes to soccer...), and the charity would go bankrupt if it were all left up to me.
So this post is really pointless, isn't it? Just me bitching about stuff that's perfectly within my control. If I were my friend I'd tell me to STFU and get off my ass. I have some sort of mental block that keeps me from "accomplishing my goals". I always think of all of these things I could be doing to make my life better and then I come in the door and I immediately feel like the only thing I can manage to do is vegetate.

Why can't I listen to me?

Saturday, October 01, 2005


This morning I woke up and went downstairs where my husband was busy cleaning out our fish tank. He had the fish sitting on the counter in the pitcher labeled "FISH" on the front while he cleaned out the tank. I went on my business, got myself some juice, poured some cereal into a bowl. When I went to the fridge to get the milk I heard
"Oh shit..SHIT!"
I turned to see my husband with his hand down the garbage disposal. He had poured one of the fish down the drain! It was one of the two remaining neon tetras!
"What did you do??"
"I was trying to pour off the extra dirty water and one of them fell in!"
"If he would only stop moving around..."
"Well he can't breathe!"
I grabbed the remaining fish who were flipping around in the remaining half inch of water in the pitcher and poured them safely back into the tank.
"Why didn't you plug up the sink!? You've probably poked his eye out by now."
"You try then..."
I put my hand down and I could feel his slimy lifeless body. He was dead.I was sad. It's my fish! In the garbage disposal! He's swimming around in the pitcher one minute and the next he's down there with the bits of old potato and corn gasping for air. It must have been a horrible way to die.
I turned on the water and let it run until I couldn't feel him there anymore.
I feel stupid for being sad because of a fish, but he was one of the fighters! We had started out with 5 neon tetras and 3 had died along the way. There was only these 2 left. He made it all this way to get poured down the garbage disposal!

RIP little fish...I'm sorry my husband murdered you.

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