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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Officially unemployed

I have no job. I am now a "domestic engineer" (or some equally PC word they use now for housewife). For the last 3 days I have packed, played Sims, painted,played Sims, done laundry, played Sims, watched tv, oh, and I played Sims. I think I'm enjoying my free time just a little too much.
We sold our house! It took surprisingly very little time and we did the whole thing with out a "buyer pimp" (as my dad calls them...otherwise knows as a Real Estate Agent). It was stressful with the phone ringing off the hook and people just popping by all the time but it's done now and we can look forward to the joy of packing and moving.
It's 3 weeks and counting to the big move. The good thing is we've found our new place. I could fit about 2 of my houses into the new one. It's a condo/townhouse/duplex thing. Not too shabby.
The bad thing is this may be my last post for a while. I will be lots very much mucho busy for the next few weeks. This is good though because I really haven't had a decent post in a while. This blog may be winding down. I haven't decided yet but I'll wait until after we move before I decide.
Anyway, enjoy spring wherever you are...or something equally saccharine and sugar coated...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Today I walked by a door, the same one I walk by every day, that says "Please knock" on it. I knocked, and kept on walking down the hall. I like to follow directions.


Doctor (to an old man sitting in a chair) "She has what is called congestive heart failure"

Cancer patient (dressed in hospital gown, hooked to IV, walking the halls with a friend) "Well it could be worse, I could be dead..."

Dirty Man (talking to store manager) "...but I work really well when I'm sober."

Days to Go

14 days until my last day at work
38 days until the big move

My brain is taking a vacation. I wish I could go with it.

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