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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

What happens in Vegas...blah blah blah...

So I made it to Vegas. We're staying in the Mirage...the one with the volcano in front. I haven't managed to do much yet except drink a beer and take a bath. Hopefully more will happen later. If I get a chance, I'll upload some pics. Now that I've found internet access..."real" internet access that doesn't include dialup...I may not leave the room...we'll see.
Grand Canyon was great for the first 5 minutes or so. After that it gets kind of redundant. There are only so many ways you can look at a rock canyon and go oooo..ahhhhh...Yeah it's pretty big. Grand even. But not worth more than a day unless you do one of those expensive tour things.
The Hoover Dam had all of the cool stuff blocked off to keep the terrorists from blowing up the place so all we really saw was the generators. It was still imressive though...worth about a half a day.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

On vacay

Im currently in Idaho on I-84. It's a big hick fest out here. Lots of cows n farms n stuff.It kinda makes Bremerton look like a thriving metropolis. More updates when i can find internet access.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Inappropriate bathroom noises

I was in the loo today doing my know, coffee kicked in and all and in walks this woman into the stall next to me. She's breathing really hard like she's just been running or rushing or maybe she had to pee really bad and was in a hurry to get to the bano, I dunno. I hear her breathing heavy and she opens the door and closes it and I hear her sit down and she's still doing the heavy breathing and then she starts making this moaning noise. I thought it was a one time thing...then she does it again, still with the heavy breathing. I laughed a little to myself because she's kinda being dramatic about the whole bathroom thing. Then she made another loud moaning noise and this time it almost sounded like she was playing with the cat right there in the public bathroom. I laughed again but this time it was louder and I tried to cover it up with a cough and kind of clearing my throat. I went to wash my hands and I could still hear her with the heavy breathing and she was still making these moaning noises and she kind of finished to speak. She came out and she was still making the noises and I was just staring at her while I washed my hands. I couldn't figure out why she was making all of the noise and was all moany/breathy in the bathroom. It was slightly disturbing

I just thought I would tell you about that...

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Sign of the times

"That era is now over and it is not likely to rise again. The country mouse, with his cowboy boots, Texas twang, taste for country music and love of gas-guzzling fast trucks, NASCAR, blood-sport wrestling, fundamentalist Protestant Christianity, and macho-militarism, has outwitted, outfoxed, and marginalized the city mouse. Reality TV shows and Fox News have trumped reality and real news."

Real or Fake?

If you saw this picture...what's the first thing you would think of?

Apparently the article is talking about whether or not Brittney Spears' "wedding" was real or not. Talk about a double meaning on that one...

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Number one result for "Something Is Wrong With Me" AND "yuck yuck eww".

Maybe someone is trying to tell me something.

I've been lazy

Yep, still here.
I have several posts in Draft form waiting to be finished. I have been really busy with real life stuff and I've let my blogging slip...oops. I think what you're meant to do is post all of the things that you think no one cares about, but really they make for interesting reading. Maybe I'll take that approach...
Yesterday I went to the fair. I bought a dozen hot scones so we could all sit and eat them while we watched Weird Al only to be told that no one, except me, likes raspberry jam. Anyone want a scone?
Yesterday was a good day. I hope to have more like it in the near future when I go on vacation. Have I told you where I'm going yet?
I'm driving down to the Grand Canyon for a day, then to Hoover dam, then to Las Vegas to watch my friend Julie get married. The drive back will take me through San Francisco where I'm going to see Snow Patrol at The Fillmore. Can't wait, can't wait!
The Sims 2 is an awesome game and I highly recommend it to anyone who was a Sims fanatic before when they were in plain ole it's 3D baby!
Time for lunch...mexican food and heart burn all around.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


And the number one weird Google search criteria is....

orgasm pig lasts astrology

whatever keeps 'em coming back, I say...

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Recycle, Reuse, Renew

I've feeling I thought I would post something I wrote at the beginning of the's a bit of a rant, just so you know...


p.s. I don't really have a huge hangup on people who smoke. I think that post captured what I was feeling at the time. It comes and goes...

Monday, September 13, 2004

I know where my heart is...


I didn't really want to post anything about 9/11 because there were so many other blogs that did a better job than I could.
I don't get why people always say "when 9/11 hit...". Hit? How can it hit? It's not a hurricane. It's not a storm. Sure, there was probably hitting involved...but the date? 9/11? It happened, and it 'hit' us all for a loop. I dunno, I never have understood why people use that term to describe it.
On September 11, 2001, my friend Julie was visiting from Florida. It was supposed to be her last day in town, but because they closed the airports, she was stuck there for 5 more days. At first she thought she would lose her job.
My then boyfriend met my daughter for the first time on that day. We had been dating about 3 weeks then. Usually I wait a lot longer but somehow I just thought it would be ok. The whole day had been very strange and emotional and I think we felt closer because of that. (I went on to marry the guy, who woulda known...)
I don't have much more to say about 9/11. It was sad and it will continue to be a day that's sad for a long time.
I guess I'll just quote a message from the last fortune cookie I ate...

"Love is the glue that holds together everything in the world."

Thursday, September 09, 2004


"This is getting ridiculous," said Eleanor Sharkey, who lives with four grandchildren in West Palm Beach and who had her roof torn apart and power knocked out by Frances. "I'm petrified, just petrified. Oh God, I need help. I have no milk. I can't get proper food. I have nothing nourishing for the children. When will this end?"

Yeah I'll say she needs help...Who are these half witted people who are surprised that Florida is getting hurricanes? Why do they not prepare for these things? I used to live in Florida. Every year for hurricane season, you start buying canned goods, water, batteries and all of the other crap you need to have. We bought plywood the first year we were there and kept it until we moved away. Do these people not read? Do they not know that Florida has hurricane season for 5 months out of the year BEFORE they moved their happy behinds down there?
I don't get it!

"Look at this," said Gloria Serrano, who toured her mother-in-law's damaged West Palm Beach mobile home. "There's no water, there's no electricity, there's sewage on the ground and there are trees on my mother-in-law's roof. I'm very worried."

That's because she live in a tin can! Move her into a real house...with a that can't be carted off with a semi truck.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same

Below is what I heard standing in the Green Room at the Showbox last night waiting for the doors to open. It was Keane's soundcheck. I figured that any music they played during the show would be too loud to pick up on my phone. It was a brilliant show. I made many friends standing in the crowded venue and even saw Brian and his sister. There were people of all ages there which was a little strange but very cool to think that music could reach such a wide range of people. I was right up in front which allowed me to get some interesting pictures. Unfortunately I was in the middle of a sea of 15-16 year olds but I was no less enthusiastic. I'll have to post the pics later since they are on my camera and I didn't get in until 3am. Here are the ones I took with my phone.

This is Tom the lead singer. He was hard to catch as he was pretty much all over the stage. Every time he knelt down in front of us, he got back up before I could snap a picture.

This is Tim the pianist. I was pretty much right behind him and his many electronic pianos the whole time so it was hard to get pics but I did get some interesting ones of his feet. He looked a little like Animal from the Muppets when he played. I wasn't able to get many good shots of the drummer, Richard, because I was so far to the side but he too was really into the music. They generated a lot of energy between the 3 of them.
The band stayed after the show and signed autographs and took photos. I felt like a little fan-girl...I don't care though! I had a great time and if I didn't have other commitments, would drive to Portland to see them again tonight.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


this is an audio post - click to play

Sunday, September 05, 2004

HA! hahahaha

More spamusement...

BTW, whatever happened to Tic Tac Dough? Wink Martendale? That catchy music they played before the show?

I saw Garden State tonight. Really good film. Excellent soundtrack. I think Natalie Portman is a brilliant actress. She would have to be to go from Queen of Naboo to strange compulsive liar girl with epilepsy and too many pets. The movie's a bit of a chick flick, but there's nothing wrong with that. I always hear people complaining about that. Guys, learn to get in touch with your feminine side. It's sad because you never called and you said you would.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

"I'm not going to school anymore. There's a war at school."

Those were the words of Alana Dzandarova, the 6 year old who was forced to stay behind when her mother was allowed to escape the hostage situation in Russia with her 2 year old son.

Can you imagine having to choose which of your children to take with you? How would you live with the guilt if the one left behind was injured or killed? How do you answer your child's questions about having to go to school when they've been through something as traumatic as this?
Thankfully Alana made it out alive thanks to a 15 year old boy who helped her escape.

I thought about this some today. I'm not sure what else to say about that really other than I hope that I'm never forced to be in a situation like that.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Alternate Reality

If this image were to show up in a movie about presidents* we would all laugh wouldn't we?

*you know, the futuristic sci fi where they're trying to stop the evil dictator from manipulating things so that the election would end in his favor...or something like how life does imitate art.

Hey it made sense to me.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I'm so not embarassed

Yet I blush...I hate it.
Anytime I talk to people, doesn't matter what the subject matter is, I blush. I turn 3 shades of crimson. It could be something that I'm totally comfortable talking about in everyday conversation, yet my face turns red, I get hot and start to sweat. I can't hide it. I can' calm myself down. And then, to make matters worse, I usually get comments about "Look at you turning red...are you EMBARASSED?" Then it's commence teasing...yes I work in an office full of guys who still haven't left high school.
And forgetabout it if I happen to be talking about something that actually DOES embarass me. I can't make eye contact, my face feels hot, I sweat, sometimes I even feel sick to my stomach.
Apparently there's some kind of surgery you can get to correct this, but no way in hell am I electively going to do something like that.
For now, I'll just look retarded whenever I try to have a normal conversation with people I guess...


1) I got new down pillows in the mail today. I can't wait to go in my room in a few minutes and try them out.
2) We lost our softball game tonight in extra innings...22-20...the other team is playing down a division though so considering that, I think we kicked ass.
3) "Who ate you're heart? You're cold inside. You're not the one I hoped for. I'll see you on the other side."
d) I have lost 7 pounds without even trying. I love it when that happens. I'm going to start going to the gym...again...on Wednesday. I want to lose 10 more by the end of the month..hopefully more, but we'll see.
5) I got my new satellite TV thing 2 weeks ago and the stupid thing has already crapped out on me. I'm formatting the hard drive (got a Tivo with it) to see if this fixes the problem. I'm miffed because all of my recorded programs of Mission Organization are going away. Oh well...I've seen most of them anyway. Watching it motivates me.
6?)I ate most of a roast chicken for dinner. Damned rotisserrie chickens at the store...too bad I'm not doing the Atkin's diet...
7) I'm thinking about getting a tattoo. The design will be a cross between the pictures foune here and here. That is...if I don't wimp out...
7a)It's now officially:
24 days until I leave for my Las Vegas/Grand Canyon vacay
19 days until...well just until. =)
7 days until my daughter starts the 5th grade
6 days until I get to see Keane in Seattle
3 days until the weekend
1 day until Mr. Creepy gets is back from his suspension...yeah right.

8)David's blog title is making fun of you and you haven't even realized it!
9) Shall I jump on the "change my blog template" bandwagon? or stay true to my Orangey roots?
x) A boy in high school called me Orange...but it was the south so it came out more like "Ernge"...he made a list of nicknames for me. He actually wrote them all out on paper at one point. I think it spanned into the hundreds. Another one of them was "32B Special". I'll never know how he found out my bra size. I sure as hell didn't tell him.
Other nicknames I've had:
Janelle number 5
J Nailhead

I haven't been posting very much lately because I'm haven't felt particularly inspired. I'm also trying to heed my bosses warning about Internet activity at work. I think that was mainly a required statement that he had to make to appear fair to everyone, but I don't want to take any chances until the heat comes down some. At least I'm not the one looking up "cum sluts" and "double penetration" while I'm on the clock...

p.s. geez I wonder what kind of Google hits the above quoted words will turn up?
p.p.s Speaking of Google hits, a lot of people have found my blog by searching for Snow Patrol lyrics...there must be more people with good taste in music than I realized.

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