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Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year? But I was just getting used to this year...

I cannot believe this year has passed already. Don't we say that every year?
I was watching TV yesterday and they had one of those "year in review" type montages on there. Brad and Jennifer breaking up seems like it happened 2 years ago, doesn't it? Cause you know that was THE NUMBER ONE thing to be worried about this year... My hair has grown about 4 inches, as has my waist unfortunately. Soon to be remedied though! Monday is the big day when I start back to the gym...again.
I've lived in Virginia for almost 8 months now and it still doesn't feel "right" to say that I live here. I still use the wrong zip code when I address envelopes and the wrong area code when I use my phone number. This is less a place that we live than a place we're staying at for a couple of years until my husband is out of the Navy. Then we can go find a "real" house.
I finished a book I got for Christmas in less than a day. Either I am a fast reader or the book was so hopelessly elementary that it was that easy to read. I haven't finished a book since high school I'm sure. I always try to get into reading but I can never stay interested long enough. I think I have ADD. The book I read was Dark Lord:The Rise of Darth Vader. Nope no great literary classics for me, I'm all about the Star Wars geekiness. It is the first Star Wars Expanded Universe book that I've read and it spurred my interest to read more (since there won't be any more films). Reading it felt like watching one of the movies. There was a lot of action and there were parts that let you get inside of Vader's head and find out what he thought of the suit that kept him alive, the Emperor, and his self-pity and anger that ultimately makes him stronger in the Dark Side of the Force.
My geek alarm is blaring so I must digress...
I wasn't directly affected by any of the hurricanes or other things that happened this year, but I think I must have given about $100 to the Red Cross and other charities raising money for the victims. $100 doesn't sound like much, but given that I usually give $0 to such charities, I think it's quite a bit. I also sent a care package to I think it's a good way to support the people risking their lives in Iraq even if you don't agree with the reason they are there.
On a more personal note, this year has been a little disappointing in that we have been trying to have a baby and, well, we're still trying. I'm reading books, charting temperatures, taking tests, and trying to assess places that really only my OBGYN should be assessing. I don't even really like to think about how long it's been because 1)I am impatient, 2)I don't like to think about the fact that it's been this long (9 months) and it hasn't happened (so maybe it's not going to) and 3)I know for a fact that there are people who've been trying for three or four times as long as we've been trying and it makes me feel insignificant. I go in for a pelvic ultrasound on January 15th so they can look at my ovaries. Hopefully there will be some kind of "aHA! there's the problem! here's how we fix it!" type of thing as a result.
Anyway, I think we will be taking it easy tonight. Staying off the roads is probably a good thing to do with all of the sobriety checkpoints that will be open around here. I say dinner, maybe a movie, watch the ball drop, get some nookie, go to bed...not necessarily in that order.
Simple enough.
Good luck and good health in the new year everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Do you look famous?

Check out this site. You upload a pic of yourself and the site matches it to that of a celebrity!
Depending on the pic, I resemble Vivien Leigh, Liv Tyler, Angelina Jolie, and Courtney Cox (none of which have the requisite RED HAIR).

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Got lights?

I know at least some of you out there have seen this video of the Christmas lights that are in sync with music, BUT here's a link to even MORE of them including links with directions on how to put together displays like it. (better not show this to my husband lest he get any ideas)
I mean, if you're going to waste energy, don't screw around by driving around a gas guzzling monstrocity of a vehicle that gets 8mpg, REALLY do it right by plugging in hundreds of thousands of lights into an electrical timer that will sync everything to the music you are broadcasting over a close range radio station! Better yet, invite friends and strangers in their gas guzzling monstrocities to drive by your house repeatedly blocking traffic and invading private property! To hell with those nay-sayers who say there is a fuel shortage!
I know that's sort of bah-humbugg-y and even a little bit hypocritical. I enjoy Christmas lights as much as the next person, but there are people who can't even afford to heat their homes this winter and put food on their table and here we have the equivalent of Clark W. Griswold, FFS!
I digress...
I'm mainly posting because I updated my photos, only about a quarter of what I've taken, but I think personal photos tend to have a sort of "slideshow vacation" feel to them. No one knows who is who and no one cares that much.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry Christmahannakwanzakah!!

Ya like that?
How the heck are ya? Are you ready for the holiday? (whatever holiday you happen to be celebrating) I just finished up my online shopping tonight. It's a beautiful thing being able to do 80% of your shopping without even turning off the TV.
Ok so I haven't totally slipped into a coma. We have had the tree and lights up for about 3 weeks. We did all of our holiday baking. Some of the things turned out great. I highly recommend Alton Brown's Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheel cookies. We tried to make fudge about 4 times with absolutely no success. I don't understand because I used the exact recipe I used last year. It was either way dry and crumbly or it had the consistency of Nutella or peanut butter or something like that. Nothing that resembled fudge though. I did learn a few things from the experiment(s) though. Don't try to make fudge on an electric stove. Also, don't try to make fudge on a gas camp stove. Maybe it's the humidity? Or lack of?
Hehe...I'm watching Pretty Woman while I type this. They just showed the part where they're doing it on the piano...gotta do that eventually.
Anyway, not much is new. I have pictures that I've been too lazy to upload. I have had stuff to say that I've been too lazy to type out. I'll try to be better about that sort of thing. I can't believe it's been another year. Last year at Christmas I was sure we would have another little person on the way by this time. It's secretly what I wanted for Christmas (ok not secretly, but maybe inwardly). Oh well,there's always my birthday (in 2 months if anyone is counting!). I have managed to lose 5 pounds which is not really saying much because I am now back to the same weight I was before we moved to Virginia. It's an ok start for a New Year's resolution though.
Speaking of those, they are as follows:
Lose 50lbs. (I'll start with 20 and take it from there)
Exercise at least 3 days a week.
Go for walks 2 nights a week.
Finally unpack every box that I have from when we moved and either use the contents or give them away.
Purge half of my wardrobe to some other fat girl who might require "business casual" at her place of business.
Update my blog at least twice a month. I know this is a pitifully small thing, but it's something I've been meaning to keep up and just haven't because I'm a procrastinator like that.

Of all of those, only the top 2 are absolutely non-negotiable. The rest are sort of my wish to be ultra super organized. We'll see what happens.

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