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Thursday, March 02, 2006

FRER gave me a BFN

Many people don't realize that there is a whole subculture out there. One full of acronyms, obsessive compulsive behavior, probing into regions of the body that usually only one person (an OBGYN) sees.
You see I am anywhere from 16-18 DPO right now (depending on if you ask TCOYF or FF) and I'm on CD33. My AF hasn't shown up yet so I am in the 2WW still. We were doing the SMEP this month so I was sure this would be a god month. I haven't had many symptoms, bb's don't really hurt, and my CM has all but dried up...not to mention that my CP is still high and soft. I have had 2 temps below my CL, but I'm not sure if that means anything. This morning I tested with FRER and got a BFN. Tomorrow I have an appointment with an RE to find out why my husband and I have been TTC for a year now and still don't have a baby.

See what I mean? It's like a whole other language that must be learned. Basically what I just said was that I ovulated 16-18 days ago (depending on which chart you look at). I haven't gotten my period yet so I took a pregnancy test this morning (First Response Early Response) and got a Big Fat Negative. I don't know why this negative was any more fat than normal negatives, but it seems that in the world of Trying To Conceive that it's not just negative it's Big and Fat (same goes if you happen to get a positive result). Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with a Reproductive Endocrinologist. They are the people you go to see when the OBGYN just isn't cutting it and you need the "real stuff". These doctors specialize in the why's and how's of why people can't get pregnant. That's definitely the man (or woman) for me! There was a time when I would be very depressed about getting a negative pregnancy test, but now I just want to get whatever the problem is sorted out and get on with the baby makin'!
The rest of the stuff mentioned just don't want to know, believe me. I mean I suppose you could look it up if you are so inclined, but I'll let you figure that out.

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