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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A thousand words...

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Knock, knock....anyone there??

Hi! It's me! Did you miss me??
Probably not...oh well.
I'm now a resident of the great state of Virginia. Having been here about 3 weeks, this is only my third day of having Internet access due to more misunderstandings than a Three's Company episode, only not as funny, which isn't saying much I suppose, but there you go. All that's missing now is garbage pick-up. You see, the garbage people are collecting money from me to collect my garbage, but they have not given me a can to put all of the trash in so unfortunately my garage is half full of it.
But at least we have Internet...ahhh so much better. I had no idea how reliant I had become on it. We (really I) were utterly lost until we found a cyber cafe close to our house.
Virginia is nice so far. It's much warmer and muggier, but that is to be expected. I feel like I'm on an extended vacation on account of not having a job and living in a new unfamiliar place. I will feel much better once I can establish some kind of routine to sort myself out. Living out of boxes gets a little old after a while.
The trip out here was long and rather boring at times. Going through places like Montana and South Dakota makes me wonder why on earth we in America have so much land. It's not like people live in these areas, they're just there taking up space. Some of the areas didn't even seem to have farms on them, they were just open space with nothing there. There's a good amount of interesting history in the parts of it though. We managed to squeeze in time on the trip to check out Mt. Rushmore...just enough to go up there, say "Yep, there it is" and then leave. We did the same thing at the Grand Canyon. It's not that we took for granted that we got to see them, but there's only so long that you can stand and look at something like that before it gets a bit redundant.
Anyway, my daughter stayed with my parents for a few weeks while my husband and I drove down here. She's back home now, but not for long because she's off to Florida for the summer next weekend. It's just as well because she's at an age where she knows everything and no one can tell her anything. I guess it only gets worse until she's ready to move out, right? That's what I keep hearing from people at least...I don't remember being as stubborn or arguementative when I was her age, but I'm sure i have selective memory.
Time for bed now. We're off to Busch Gardens in the morning.
It's good to be back. =)

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