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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New job(s)+new house= ??

Just when I got used to staying home, I went out and got not one, but TWO jobs. The last time I had 2 jobs I was a newly divorced single mom making slightly more than minimum wage and struggling (sometimes failing) to make ends meet.
So how did I come back to having to have 2 jobs? It's called starting over in a different career....gotta climb a different ladder. Tech support was beginning to wear on me. It's obviously not a creative field. I'm not entirely sure if that's what the problem was or if I was just burned out and bored with it. I'm not even sure I will like doing cakes as a "career" but it's not terrible which is a start I suppose. I like to cook but I don't have a feel for how to put recipes together very well. Having a meat and potatoes type of family definitely doesn't help that very much. Baking is very measured and precise. It's chemistry. And almost everyone likes cake.
I am currently a cake decorator at Cold Stone Creamery AND teaching cake decorating at Michael's. I hope to one day gain enough experience to work in a proper bakery or a grocery store bakery or some such place. Ultimately though I want to do what my good friend does and just do cakes for people and make them pay me for it. Who knows if that's even a real possibility for me who is sorely unmotivated and a big time procrastinator. But you have to start somewhere.
In other news...
We closed on our house yesterday. We even have KEYS. The first items have already been moved over. Those things we don't use very often and storage stuff. One of the first things we did was tear down the hidious wallpaper in the kitchen. All of the seams were visible so it was not a hard thing to do. I have a weird thing about peeling things. If I get a sunburn I can't ignore the peeling skin.I try to get it off in one big sheet. If I get a zit, I mess with it until it's a hugesss blemish. I think when I'm old and senile I'm going to probably have to wear mittens taped to my hands. The best thing is that it's OUR house so we can go into the kitchen and peel off the shitty wallpaper and not have to worry about security deposits and all of that lovely crappy stuff that goes with renting. I can't wait to get out of here and into OUR NEW HOUSE.

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