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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


My back...hurts.
I don't know what the hell I did to it. Maybe it's because I have no access to the chiropractor. Maybe I strained it emptying the catbox. For almost 2 weeks now I've had lower back pain and I don't like it! I can't sit for long before it starts aching. Not a sharp pain, but a dull ache. For a while I was sitting on my exercise ball instead of my regular office chair but my stupid cat popped it so now I have to try to use my chair again. One of the good side effects of not being able to sit for that long is that I'm getting more done around the house, which is always a good thing.

I also went back to the gym this week. It's been since before Christmas that I've been. I got a cold right before Christmas and couldn't breathe so, therefore I stopped going. I made a couple attempts to workout at home, but once we got new furniture there was no room to workout anymore. All of that's behind me now though because I'm starting again. After having been out of it for so long I feel like I'm starting from scratch. But starting slow is better than not starting at all I suppose. I've managed to avoid the annual Girl Scout Cookie conspiracy this year so that's about 5 unnecessary pounds I won't be gaining this year. Yay. I weighed myself this morning and discovered that I have lost about 5 pounds since January 1. While this is no great feat, I'm happy with it. Small victories or something like that.

I am more motivated to lose weight now that I've been to the Reproductive Endocrinologist(RE) last week. He said I may have a condition called PCOS and that "diet and exercise" may improve my fertility. I still will have to take medicine though. He told me a lot of things actually. I am to go in for an HSG (see I told you there were a lot of acronyms dealing with infertility) after the start of my next cycle. I've not read a whole lot about HSG's but what I have read is that they are uncomfortable to say the least. I'm not looking forward to it. Why is it that all of the female tests and procedures for diagnosing infertility problems are painful or inconvenient while the male part in it comes down to not wearing tight underwear and getting to masturbate into a cup? NOT FAIR I say... Jeff is being a good sport about it though. I've read stories of some women's husbands who balk at the idea that there might be something wrong with their testicles and refuse to get the test done. Hopefully all of that time around a nuclear reactor didn't hurt his little guys too much.

Apparently I've been writing web pages in my sleep. My husband told me this morning that I asked him for the keywords. I did the same thing yesterday morning. I don't remember any of it. I've been ask by a friend of mine to administer a message board that her and another gal have just started up. It's a message board for cake decorators called The Baker's Bar. It still looks ugly and needs some tweaking, but at least it works. It was the first time I had worked with php or mysql. Fortunately I know people who aren't as dumb about this as I.

We will be moving to a new house in about a month. When we first moved to Norfolk, we didn't know anything about the area or where we should live. Let's just say we didn't choose well and now we're moving to a better area; one where our neighbors will not see fit to put their major appliances and furniture in their front yards to be picked up as trash. It gets a little ridiculouse. How many couches and old stoves do these people have?? Ah, and the music will now be something that I pick for myself instead of someting I'm forced to listen to,in another language, at top volume, at 1am. Fortunately my daughter will stay in the same school. I'm excited about living in the new house and fixing it up to sell, but I ABSOLUTELY despise moving. I wish I could be one of those uber-organized,have-everything-packed-a-month-ahead-of-time type of people. I still have boxes in my house that I haven't unpacked from when we moved her...almost a year ago. Hopefully that's not an indicator of the next one.

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