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Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's June already?

Where did the first half of the year go?

My lack of posting lately has been due to me not having any ANY spare minutes when I wasn't working, talking to people at work, going to work, coming home from work, or sleeping. I may be exaggerating just a tad. I do work a lot though. Most of the time I'm too exhausted to even think much less type out something coherent. Also, much of what I've had to say lately has been about (in)fertility or home improvement or assholes that I have the misfortune of meeting while driving to or from my job(s). While everyone can relate to stupid maniac drivers, and most people have done a home improvement project at some point, not many people have had to deal with infertility. I feel like I would need a whole other blog just to dedicate to all of the (too much) information about it. There's a lot of checking of temeratures and bodily fluids and body organ positions and it's all a little bit overwhelming at times even for me so I can only imagine how gross and just too much it is for the average person.
Thus, I have made a decision to kind of put the blogging on hold for a bit. It's pretty much been on hold for the last year anyway because I have a very boring life or I have run out of things to talk about...or something. It's harder to come up with random things when I'm not sitting bored at a desk, which is where I was when I first started this blog.
So that's pretty much that.
And, in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

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