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Friday, August 26, 2005

I'm goin upstairs now...

Cause it's 'puter time. That nightly ritual right after family time in front of the TV. We are the "American family". Typing that makes me a little bit nauseous actually. At least we've gotten our exercise for today. Tonight, in light of it being Friday and all, I've decided to deviate a tad from my normal nightly routine of computer games to post on my oh-so-neglected blog. What can I say? I don't work anymore so why do I need something to distract me?
Not's not nearly as fun as it sounds. Don't get me wrong, I like not having to show up on time, pretend to work, do my job and all of that but along with that came a certain amount of, I don't know...pride? A feeling of being "worthy" and accomplishment. I actually feel guilty that I don't have a job. I feel useless like I'm just taking up space. This feeling of course is only in my own head. My husband has none of these feelings and only really wants a clear path from the front door to the television and maybe some dinner thrown in once or twice a week. My parents, despite my telling them about 500 times that I wouldn't be working when we moved to Virginia, ask me every time I call them "so, do you have a job yet?" "so, anyone call you back about a job yet?" "so when are you going to get a job?".
And they wonder why I don't call more often.
See to them, if you're relaxing or not actively earning your keep then you lose all rights. Money is the great motivator evidently. Who cares if you don't like your job, you need money. Well I won't argue that point, but must we all be miserable in the process?
Anyway, I've taken some steps to insure that I won't slip into a coma from boredom or anything like that. Remember all of the nifty cakes and things that I used to post about? Well I get to do that again, only this time I'll be like Monica in "The One With The Cooking Class" and go to the head of the class and get a star made out of foil.

In other news...Time marches on. Soon I realize it's marching across my face (thank you Steel Magnolias). Having purchased every available salve and balm to try to camouflage the evidence of "fine lines and wrinkles" I have come to the conclusion that I'm no longer considered young or youthful or any of the other things that are meant to be desirable. blah
And why can't I lose weight? I run every day and I try not to eat anything terribly bad for me on a regular basis. Do I need Jenny Craig? My period is 3 weeks late and I'm not pregnant. What is up with that? I'm too young for menopause!

Ah, that's about all I have. Oh except for this.
Spousal complaint #627
How come you never turn on the fish? They don't like the dark...

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